Architectural and drawing services is a relatively new addition to our offering but has quickly become very popular.

We have worked on numerous different projects, both large and small.

We have a dedicated architect who has worked on a number of projects

Visualise how your building project will look. Get in touch about our drawing service.

What are architectural drawings?

Architectural drawings are different from a standard drawing of a building. These are more technical drawings and are used within the construction industry for many different purposes. This might include the initial concept for a building, planning or construction of a whole building or an extension. Architectural drawings provide much more detail than a standard image of a building and may include a floor plan and elevations of the building as well as different sections. These can be incredibly detailed and contain a lot of information which is then used in the building process.

How can architectural drawings be useful?

Architectural drawings can be incredibly useful, whether your building project is large or small. This is an essential first step at the planning stage, to really allow you to visualise how your building project will look once completed – but also to allow you to plan in essentials such as power supplies, water pipes etc. By using an architectural drawing you can see ahead of time whether your vision for a project is viable, or whether you may need to adjust things to allow for something as simple as an access route or space for windows to open.

Architectural & drawing services from Heritage Builders

With over 35 years’ experience in building, we have worked on numerous different projects, both large and small. Our first foray into the world of architectural and drawing services was when my father took a design course upon his semi-retirement so that he could supply drawings for family, friends and clients. Demand has increased so much that when my father retired, my brother took on this role. My brother has been qualified in CAD and design fields for many years and has extensive experience in the construction industry, so this was a natural progression for him.

As demand has continued to increase in this field, we have now taken on a young architect who has worked on many projects, from extensions to new builds, including prestigious projects such as Chelsea Harbour.

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